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Laxative abuse

Hi Sam, I’ve just found out that a lad I’ve been seeing has been putting laxatives into my food and drinks. I just feel so lost because I feel I can’t trust anyone around me now it’s made me feel so paranoid I don’t know what to do. Thanks

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Hi there,

It's never okay for someone to put something into your food or drink without you knowing. It’s illegal for this person to put laxatives into your food without you knowing. Telling someone you trust about what happened means they’ll be able to get you help if you need it.

When you’re in a relationship with someone you put a lot of trust in them. It can be difficult to know how much to trust a new partner, but it's better to be on the safe side when you can. Trust is something that should be earned over time. It's always okay to take things slowly.

Putting laxatives into your food and drink is against the law. This person couldn't know how your body would react to the laxatives. You could have been allergic or experienced serious side effects. They took a big risk with your health and showed a lack of respect for you and your boundaries. It would be okay to go to the Police if you wanted to. You can do this with an adult by going in person to your local police station, or by calling the non-emergency number of 111.

If you suspect someone has put something into your food or drink, the first thing you should do is stop eating it. If you can without putting yourself in any danger, try to keep some as evidence to show the Police. If you're not feeling well it’s important to get some medical help. Remember it's always okay to call 999 if you think it’s an emergency.

Trusting people around you might be harder now because of what's happened. It's not likely to happen again but it's safest to be cautious around new people until you are certain they can be trusted. It's okay to feel the way you do, but if it's starting to affect your relationships then it might be worth talking about what happened with the people around you. If they care about you as a friend or partner then they’d be interested in doing whatever it takes to make you comfortable.

If you want to talk more or want more advice about what you could do next, you can call or message a Childline counsellor whenever you need to. They are always here to support you.

Thanks for sharing this with me, take care.


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