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innapropriate text

 im 17 and my youth worker convinved me to give him my phone number now he wont stop texting and calling me im getting creeped out and i dont know what to do i told my teacher and he said go to the police? is that too drastic
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Hi there,

Going to the police wouldn’t be a drastic step because what your youth worker is doing is wrong. Your youth worker is in a position of authority. This means he is not meant to try and form any kind of relationship with you. It sounds like you are feeling scared and threatened by his behaviour. This isn't something you should experience from someone who is supposed to be supporting you.

You did the right thing to talk things through with your teacher. Although it can feel like a big step, talking to the police would also help your youth worker to stop texting and calling you. If you do decide to go to the police it would help to keep a record of any texts he sends to you as this can be used as evidence. 

You could contact your local police station (you should be able to find their details online), you could ask your teacher to help you report this, or you could report it through CEOP.

It might be that before making this decision you’d like to talk it through with a ChildLine counsellor first. There will always be someone to listen to you and talk it through. It’s important you take a read of the confidentiality promise first, as this is not something that a ChildLine counsellor could keep confidential due to your youth worker being in a position of trust who could also be abusing other young people. If you did decide to talk to a counsellor, it’s likely they would want to work with you to contact the police to keep you and others safe, but also support you with the feelings you are having too.

Take care,

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