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In love with my teacher

Hiya I'm 15 near 16 and I'm totally in love with my science teacher he is only 22 and he's perfect we flirt in a secretive way all the girls fancy him yet he only shows feelings to me we connect and I know I could never just be open about this as it could get him in trouble but I'm sure there's a.  Connection every lesson he stares at me he's touched the top of my leg a few times apologising after and doing a hot smile I can't stop thinking about him
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Hi there,

Thanks for getting in touch to tell me about your situation with your teacher at school.

It sounds like your science teacher is admired by most of the girls but I can hear how much you really like him and how you really think there may be something between you both. A lot of students can develop feelings for the adults who teach them.

You seem to know that a relationship between a teacher and a pupil is wrong as you talk about not being able to talk about this connection as it could get him into trouble.  You are right about this. A teacher holds a position of trust with young people and it would be against the law for him to undertake any kind of personal relationship with any of their pupils that is not directly related to their work, and in fact, any young person under the age of 18years old regardless of whether that young person agrees/gives their consent. 

I’m particularly concerned because you’ve said that this teacher is showing feelings to you, stares at you and has also touched you at the top of your leg a few times. Any teacher is the responsible adult in this situation and should not be doing this. It’s really important that someone knows he’s doing this and it is wrong. I must stress that this is not your fault as he holds this position of responsibility and this behaviour is inappropriate. He may just be new and not realise this is wrong but he also has access to lots of other young people and it’s important that it’s checked out and that they are safe. Sometimes when we get attention from people we like we overlook the risks and other aspects of the relationship that we know are not right.

Here at ChildLine young people’s safety is our priority but I realise that right now, and with the way you feel, it may be difficult for you to hear what I’ve said and understand how this situation could be wrong. We understand this and would like to support you with this. We can support you to deal with your feelings and frustration about the whole situation. We understand it can be very difficult when you really like someone but having a relationship would be wrong. Maybe it would help to talk this through with one of our counsellors. You can do this by calling us on 0800-1111, the call is free and won’t show up phone bills; you can take a 1-2-1 chat through our website or you can send an email which our counsellors answer but it can take up to 24 hours for us to reply to these.

A lot of young people also find our Message Board helpful, it's a place where young people support each other through message threads. You can either start a new Message Board post or read existing ones to see if there’s anything useful to you in what other young people have said.

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