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Hello, I am 15 years old. I have started having sex a while ago and I am in a serious on going relationship.and I am interested in getting the implant. I was wondering if I could ask a phew questions? Is is 100% confidential to your parents? Do you have to go into the pill first or can you have the implant straight in? I was wondering it you know of any good places to go and get it done? How long does the implant last? And do you have to go for check ups now and again?
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Hi there,

The implant is a form of contraception for women and is effective at preventing pregnancy. There are lots of things to think about when deciding which type of contraception is right for you. So talking to your doctor or a health worker at a sexual health clinic like Brook would be a good idea.

The implant is a long-lasting contraceptive and one of the most reliable ways to prevent pregnancy, though it’s not the only way. It is 99% effective and has the advantage that you can’t forget to take it and lasts for up to 3 years. Brook has more information about the implant.

The implant prevents pregnancies, but won’t protect you from sexually transmitted infections (STI’s ) so if you decide to have the implant then you and your partner should think about getting tested for any STIs first. The only way to protect yourself against STIs are condoms. Using a condom shares the responsibility between you and your partner – it shouldn’t just be down to you.

You have the right to get help from sexual health services confidentially even if you’re under 16. A doctor or health worker can prescribe you contraception if they think you’re mature enough to understand the advice and instructions.

You could ring your doctor’s surgery and ask about their confidentiality before making an appointment. Doctors should keep what you talk about confidential unless they thought your health or well-being was at risk. You could also search online for local sexual health clinics which are available to anyone.

The person that fits the implant will want to talk to you about your medical history to make sure that it’s safe for you to use and that you fully understand what’s involved.
I hope that helps. You’re very welcome to talk things through with our counsellors if you have more questions.

Take care,

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