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im worried about friendship & school

So one of my best friends is moving out of town and also moving schools. I have two other best friends but they are in completely different classes to me so i dont really see them. When my friend leaves i will have no one in my classes that i really know. Im very quiet and not that confident. I was considering moving to my other friends class but then when it comes to pairs work they would go with each other because they are closer. I just feel like i will be left with no one and then end up moving schools myself. But then i would really miss my other two friends but i dont want to get in the middle of them and cause arguments. I dunno, maybe i should just move schools. I have no other friends there really anyway?...
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Hi there,

I’m really glad you’ve written in to me as it sounds like you’re really worried about when one of your best friends moves away.

I can hear that your friend moving will really change things for you at school. It sounds like you’re feeling really unsure about what you should do next. I can hear that while you’re thinking about moving into your other friends’ class, you’ve also got some concerns about getting in the middle of the two of them. You also said that moving school yourself could be another option.

It seems to like you don’t feel like it would be easy to make some new friends in your class. You mentioned being shy and not very confident. Neither of those things mean that you wouldn’t be a lovely friend. From what you’ve told me, you’ve already managed to make three good friends at school. That tells me you are able to build good friendships even if you feel shy at first. I wonder if there’s anyone in your class you’d like to be friends with, if you had the chance? It sounds like even just getting to know one person a little better might help you feel less alone. Maybe you could see if there’s a club or society you could join that would help you get to know some of the other students? You can start slow, by just smiling and saying “hi” each day. Perhaps you could have a look at the information on the Friendships page in Explore for some more ideas.

It might help to talk this through with someone at school or maybe a trusted adult so you can discuss your concerns with them and they could help you think this through. Moving schools would be a big change and you’d have to talk this through with your parents or carers, so it might help if they understand what’s going on for you from an early stage.

It sounds like you’re thinking this through yourself and it may also help to talk it through with one of the ChildLine counsellors to help you to work out what you want to do and how to do this. You can ring ChildLine for free on 0800 1111, calls are free and won’t show up on bills, you can take up an online 1-2-1 chat or you can send an email once you’ve set an account up with ChildLine.

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