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I think im pregnant

Hiya Sam!
im 16, but I turn 17 in 5 months. I've been with my boyfriend for only 4 months but have been sleeping with him for 3 months. I'm not on any birth control at the moment either. I've been feeling slightly nauseous and have had several other symptoms of pregnancy, but I'm unsure yet. I know the only way to be sure is to take a test but If it does come back positive, in extremely worried about what to do about telling my family. My mums terminally ill and my step dads not the best of people to deal with and my little sister can't really help me as she's only 11! To be honest I am worrying and don't want to put extra pressure on my family but I know if I am pregnant I would want to keep my child 110%. I am pretty mature for my age and don't got out drinking or anything but I'm still in school the now and my boyfriends currently looking for a better paid job, but I wouldn't know how to tell him either, I'm just looking for some advice please 💕
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Hi there,

It can be really frightening thinking that you could be pregnant and being unsure about what to do. A pregnancy test, as scary as it might seem, really is the best place to start when thinking about your options because then you know for sure. 

There are lots of different places where you can get a pregnancy test from and you can get one for free. They are available at a GP’s surgery, an NHS walk-in centre, a family planning or sexual health clinic– including special young people’s sexual health clinics, such as Brook centres. If you prefer, you can buy one from a pharmacy or most supermarkets - they start from around £5.

If the pregnancy test does come back positive it’s important to see your doctor so that your health and that of the baby can be checked out. The sooner you do that the more options there are available to you - your GP would be able to put you in touch with suitable services to help you prepare for the having the baby.  

It can be really difficult to talk about pregnancy to family and with the father of the baby. But if you turn out to be pregnant, then it’s a conversation you’re going to have to have eventually. You need to be sure when you’re ready but at the same time think about whether it is making it harder the longer you leave it.

Maybe have a think about when you feel would be a good time to talk and whether you want to try telling everyone at once or if there is one person who you would prefer to start with talking to.

It can sometimes help to have a practise of what you might like to say and you’re always welcome to talk that through with a ChildLine Counsellor.

Take care,

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