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Sam, Me and my friend have fallen out because her parents don't want her hanging around near me. Me and this girl have been friends for years and years and now she is gone. I was trying to wait until my tutor mentoring session in a few weeks but she keeps looking at me nastily and I feel like if I wait any longer, I might have no friends. They are all on her side. I have got to the point that I don't want to go to the bus stop in the morning. And I'm coming to the point that I don't want to go to school. Please help, A*
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Hi there,

Friendships are really important. It can feel terrible to fall out with a friend, especially one you’ve known for so long.

Perhaps you could speak to your friend about how you’ve been feeling since you fell out. It’s unfair that your friend’s parents don’t want you to hang out together. If you’re not sure why they’ve said this, you could ask your friend more about it. That way you’ll know if they might change their mind.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to your friend face to face, you could think about other ways you could talk to her. You could send her a message or write her a letter.

It sounds like the situation has been made even worse by your other friends taking her side. If there are any friends you still feel close to, speak to them about what has been happening. You could ask them to help you speak to the rest of the group so things can go back to normal.

It’s natural to worry about having to face your friend at school or the bus stop. You could speak to teacher who might be able to offer you some support. It can be really difficult to deal with things on your own, so it's okay to ask for help.

Try not to let this affect what else happens at school. School is really important, and it might help to take your mind off it. Remember you can always talk to a ChildLine counsellor.

Take care,

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