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i may be pregant

hi sam iam worried that i may be pregant but i havent had a boyfreind or had sex , i have missed a period aswell so i am really worried tha i may be pregant can you please give me some advice i also get headakes and bad stomack akes and i feel dixxy and weird since the past few days
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Hi there,

I am glad you’ve got in touch and I want to support you as best I can.

I can hear how you are really worried that you might be pregnant and this is on you mind at lot at the moment. It’s understandable that missing a period and feeling ill might make someone think they are pregnant but I want to let you know that you have to have sex to become pregnant.

This is a good website with lots of information on it about sex and pregnancy; it might be helpful for you have a look around it on the brook website.

Although it sounds like you are not pregnant, I am a bit worried about how you're feeling. A missed period and feeling ill like you are can mean other things too. Changes in diet, health, or weight loss can have a big affect on how you feel and can lead to missed periods.

From what you said it sounds like it might be a good idea to talk to you doctor and they will be able to support with how things are. The doctor is likely to have a good idea of what has caused how things are for you. A health professional is a good person to talk to as they have lots of knowledge and information and it is their job to help and care for you.

I am glad you’ve got in touch. If you wanted to talk more about this you can always talk to a ChildLine counsellor, you could talk over with them how things are and things like seeing the doctor. You can get in touch with a counsellor through the talk section of the website or also by calling 0800 1111 free and without it showing up on any bills.

Take care,


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