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I had sex with my best friend

i had sex with my best friend whos a girl and im also a girl. Im 13 and now i regret it. Its really awkward between us now because we staryed off making out and it just kind of went on. And I have an ankle kink which is frustrating as my friend sometimes prods my ankles and I get really turned on by it. Help? X
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Hi there,

Growing up can be a naturally curious time, and lots of young people begin to explore and question their sexuality.

It can feel difficult with lots of changes happening. Our feelings also change and develop and sometimes these can be feel really powerful and more difficult to control. In the moment you can feel like something is a good idea and then later on begin to regret what happened.

It’s important to remember that having sex is against the law under the age of 16 for any gender and sexuality. There are many things to think about and having sexual contact and regretting it can affect us physically and emotionally. Feelings and relationships can change over time and regretting a decision might leave you feeling awkward, embarrassed or frustrated.

It can often help to get some advice and support if you're thinking of doing something. Or if you are now regretting something you already have. There is always a counsellor you can talk to for any help and support you need. You never have to feel on your own with how you feel.

Take care,

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