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I don’t like like my best friend anymore

my best friend has become really really creepy and i dont want to be around her anymore. i told her i didnt really want to be friends and she got really angry and i feel like everyone has turned against me and im already reallt upset because my granny died recently from a heart attack but i cant talk to anyone because everyone thinks im a bully. Advice?

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Hi there,

Telling someone that you don't want to be around them anymore is a hard thing to do. It would be nice if we got on with everyone, but things just aren't that simple. We don't have to like everyone or get on with them. So long as you are not mean or hurtful then you've done nothing wrong by saying you don't want to be around this person anymore.

Sometimes people may turn out to be different than when we first met them. It might be that you find a person you think could be a good friend, who turns out to be someone you don't get along with. Sometimes people grow apart and stop being as close. It's not wrong for either person in a friendship to feel this way - you can't help how you feel.

Telling someone you don't want to be their friend is a very tough thing to do. The way you tell someone can make a big difference to how things go. I understand that you wouldn't want to hurt anyone on purpose, but it's easy to do by accident as well. Sometimes when people are hurt, they become angry.

No matter what reasons you had for ending your friendship, it's okay to do this. It would be wrong for people to turn against you for this or to bully you. It might be that they don't understand what's happened and are not seeing things from your point of view. It's important not to spread rumours or gossip about someone else, but it's okay to give your version of what's happened to your friends.

Remember that it's okay if your other friends still want to be friends with this person - and it would be good to let them know you understand that. Try sitting down with some of your other friends when it can be just the two of you, so you can talk about what's happened.

I hope this helps. Thanks for writing in to me.

Take care,


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