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So, I'm feeling upset at home. I like school because I get to see my friends. Home is boring. When I'm at home, I''m basically just on my phone.
I'm really upset and just listen to sad songs because I recently broke up with this person I REALLY love. He moved on straight away. I don't know what to do. I felt depressed but that's no joke I can't just say I'm depressed.
I'm really confused and I need advice on how to keep myself busy and forget the boy.
Thank you Sam!
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Hi there,

Thanks for writing to me. There’s no easy way to get over a break up. It can feel really hard in the summer holidays, when you don’t have the distraction of school and being able to see friends every weekday. 

It’s so hard when you break up with someone you really love. It makes sense you’d be drawn to sad songs, since those are the lyrics that are going to be expressing your thoughts and feelings right now.

Feeling sad can sometimes be helped by doing certain things. Anything that can keep you engaged with the world and keep you distracted from sad thoughts that might be going around your head. Physical exercise or doing sports can also help you feel better.

You’ll probably come up with the best ideas for you, but the kinds of things I’d think about are seeing friends and doing things together – like going to the park, swimming, ice skating or cycling. Being around other people who you care about can help remind you that they also care about you.

Learning something new can be a great distraction and confidence builder. It might be worth looking at what’s on offer in your area. This could be something at a youth club or leisure centre. There might be a free or cheap dance class or exercise class. You could search for ideas online and see what would work for someone your age.

Another idea is to chat with a ChildLine counsellor.  A counsellor might be able to help you think of activities that would distract you this summer and help you feel better. We also have message boards, where young people post messages to support one another. That might be another way for you to feel supported.

Take care,

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