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I am 15...I am pregnant about 6 weeks. I want to keep my baby but my boyfriend says he's not ready and he will leave me If I don't have an abortion but he also said he will still be a part of the babies life, but thats unfair...I don't wanna lose him but I don't wanna lose my baby:( please help!
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Hi there,

It can be really hard to know what to do if you face an unplanned pregnancy. It's especially hard if you’re feeling forced to choose between having the baby and people you care about in your life.

Only you have the right to decide whether or not to continue with the pregnancy, or whether to consider an abortion or having the baby adopted. It can feel really unfair when you’re being put under pressure with what is already a very difficult decision to make. No one has the right to force your decision. They can only decide how supportive or not they are going to be.

Maybe have think about whether there are any adults you can talk to, who you trust and can talk to about the different worries you're having. This could help you think through your options.

Sometimes it can also help to talk it through with your doctor, so that you’re not feeling under pressure either way with what you choose to do. A doctor could check out how you’re doing physically too, and would be able to put you in touch with all the local services you need to help you in preparing to have the baby.

You can always talk to a ChildLine Counsellor who can go through your options and help you with how you’re feeling. ChildLine is here to support you with whatever decision you make and whoever you decide to talk to about, so you’re not alone with this.

Take care,

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