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He says he sees things

MY friend he's 14 yesterday he told me he sees people. I havent seen him for months because ive been off of school due to serious illness and hes had these hullucinations about seeing me lifeless in my chair and seeing people holding guns to his head and people pointing knifes at him and seeing people who arent there sat in the corner of a room. Most of the time he cant tell if there real or not. Hes changed as well he seems like not so into going out with friends and having fun anymore. He doesnt sleep much either. Hes not talked about anything to serious like wanting to harm himself just hullisinations.He doesnt think there serious he doesnt want to tell a doctor as he doesnt want his parents to find out. He gets angry when i ask him to tell someone but ive said in his own time but seems to me he just wont tell anyone ever. He says he has a few episodes a day some can not be there for a half a day then other times there every few minuates. Hes really scared ive tried so hard to get him to talk to someone about it like a teacher, his parents or a doctor but he won't ive asked him to contact childline ive told him no one will know if he did but he wont listen. Ive read the bit on mental health to him and everything but hes to scared to tell anyone and is refusing no matter what to tell no one part from me. its been going on for more than 3 months now and i dont know what to do. He says there taking over his life. Please help for the first time in my life i dont know what to do and hes saying more and more happen each day now.
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Hi there,

Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me. I can tell that you’re feeling very worried about what your friend is going through and you are wondering how you can help. It seems as though your friend doesn’t want to talk to anyone about the hallucinations he’s having and he sounds worried about his parents finding out. 

There’s a really good website called Voice Collective that you and he might want to have a look at. It’s for young people who see, hear or sense things that other people don’t. It gives lots of tips for coping with seeing things as well as information about getting support. Perhaps you could take a look at it together. Epic friends is another useful site for anyone worried about a friend's mental health.

From what you’ve described, you’re obviously a very caring friend and it can be difficult to know that someone you care about is having a tough time. Perhaps you could talk to a ChildLine counsellor about what it’s like for you at the moment. I’m wondering whether maybe you have ideas about what you want to do that you'd like to talk through with someone. It would be great for you to get some support for yourself as well as your friend because it sounds like you’re going through a lot while you try to be there for him.

Your friend is really welcome to contact ChildLine too. The counsellors can keep most things confidential. If he wants to find out more about how ChildLine works, he can always ask the counsellor questions about the confidentiality promise before he decides whether he wants to talk about anything. 

You’ve done so well to talk about what’s happening and remember that there’s lots of help available for you and your friend. You don’t have to go through this alone. You can call 0800 1111 or log on for a 1-2-1 chat if you want to speak to someone about this more.

Take care,


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