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Having the implant

Hi, my name Is c**** and I am thinking about having the implant done,I wanted to ask would you tell my parents as I am 14 and how safe is the implant ?

thank you for reading

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Hi there,

It sounds like you have thought a lot about which contraception would be right for you, and it's great that you want to stay safe.

The implant is a long-lasting contraceptive and one of the most reliable ways to prevent pregnancy. The implant uses hormones to stop you getting pregnant, so it isn’t suitable for everyone. But it’s something you’ll need to talk about with a doctor or sexual health expert.

The only way to protect yourself against sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is by using condoms. Using a condom shares the responsibility between you and your partner. And it's important to remember that contraception shouldn’t just be down to you to think about.

Visiting your doctor can be scary, but they wouldn't contact your parents about contraception. Contraception services are free and confidential, including young people who are under the age of 16. But if you’re worried about confidentiality, it’s always best to ask your doctor first. They’ll usually be happy to explain.

Brook is an organisation specifically for young people and can support you in your choices around sexual health. They can explain a bit more about how the implant works and discuss any other types of contraception with you too in order to help you work out what feels best. If you wanted to find out more, Brook has more information about the implant. They can also help you find your local sexual health clinic if you are worried about going to a doctor.

I hope that helps. You’re very welcome to talk things through with our counsellors if you have more questions.

Take care,


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