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Giving birth

Im 14 and i know i shouldnt be worrying about this now but im really scared about giving birth. I want children when im older but iv been told that it hurts... I am really scared and i dont know what to do. I dont want it to hurt and what if the baby gets stuck and it wont come out? I am also really scared of cesarean section. I dont want to be cut open.....
Please give advise, Thanks!
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Hi there,

Thank you for our letter. I hear that you are feeling worried about giving birth in the future and I think that’s a common worry. I’m sure there are many women out there who feel nervous about giving birth at some point.

I want to reassure you that there is a lot of support out there for women who are pregnant. That support can come from a GP, nurse, midwife, from books, and also family and friends. There are also different classes that you can take while you are pregnant to help you get ready for childbirth. Giving birth can be painful but there are lots of different ways of managing any pain. A midwife will help pregnant women make a to plan about what sort of pain relief they might like during their birth. A lot of new mums also say that birth was a really special experience for them and that the arrival of their baby made any pain worthwhile.

You spoke about worrying that the baby will get stuck, but women’s bodies are designed to help a baby get out safely. The midwives are also there to help and will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. You also say that you don’t want to have a caesarean. Most women will not need one. For those women who do, it is made as easy, painless and safe as possible, and they are often ready to go home with their baby after only a few days.

Hopefully that has helped to put your mind at rest a bit. If you still feel worried, about pregnancy and birth, or anything else, you may also like to talk to a ChildLine counsellor. You can talk over the phone 0800 1111 or by logging in for a 1-2-1 chat.

Take care


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