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My ex-friend who used to be in my form has started to post videos and pictures on apps of her naked and hooking up with people older than her. She is only 13. Also she said she had sex with a teenager who was 5 years older than her. And my friends don't want me to say anything about it to anyone... please help!
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Friends or people we know can sometimes do and say things that make us worry about them. Posting naked videos and pictures online is really risky and can easily get out of control. Sometimes there can be pressure on you to not say anything about what’s happening. And that can be really hard. But if you’re worried about what someone's doing it’s important to tell someone you trust. It’s okay to ask for help.

If it's hard to talk to the person, you could show her our advice about online safety. Sometimes people might not realise that posting sexual pictures online can be dangerous. But once something is online, it's out of your control. So you could send her some of our information about online safety.  

If you or someone you know is being pressured to do sexual things online by someone else, you can make a CEOP report.  CEOP are the part of the police that helps deal with online sexual abuse and inappropriate images. And they can help you if you're worried about another person. 

Sending sexual photos or videos to other people or sleeping with older men can sometimes be a sign that a person is feeling vulnerable. They might need help staying safe. You may choose to let a teacher or school counsellor know that you're worried about someone to see if they can help that person (you can ask the teacher or counsellor to keep it anonymous and not tell anyone it was you that said) but that is your choice.

It can sometimes be hard if you're the sort of person who notices when people are doing things that could get them in trouble. If you ever have worries about other people (or in your own life), you can talk to a ChildLine counsellor about it, they are there for you.

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