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Hi Sam,

Me and my boyfriend have been sexually active for the last half year of our year and a month of being together. We are building it up slowly towards having sex but whenever we talk about having it we both worry about something going wrong with the contraception once we use it. I want to use the patch but i dont know where i can get it from without telling too many people because this feels personal to him and i. It always feels right when im with him and we always look out for eachother. We are both 15.

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Hello there,

Thanks for your message and telling me about how things are for you. It sounds like you and your boyfriend have put a lot of thought into having sex and it’s really good that you are being responsible and thinking about contraception.

You tell me that you and your boyfriend have talked to each other about sex and you both feel ready and it is important  this is something that you both want and are both consenting to. Just so you know the legal age you can consent to sex in the UK is 16 years old.

There are lots of different types of contraception and it is important to be fully informed before you make the choice about what contraception you would like to use. It is also important that the contraception you choose is right for you and meets all your needs.

All forms of contraception will protect against pregnancy but not all protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  STIs are infections that can be passed between people when they have sexual contact, you can find out more about STIs and the different types of contraception that protect against these at Brook. There is also the My Contraception Tool that helps you to identify which contraception would be right for you. The most effective form of contraception is condoms and they will protect you against pregnancy and STI’s. It is possible to use condoms and another form of contraception too.

It seems like you are thinking about using the contraceptive patch but you are unsure about where to get it from. Perhaps it would be a good idea for you to have a look on the Brook website and read some more about the patch and any other options available to you before making your choice. Once you decide you can find out about places to get contraception on Brook’s website.

If you have more questions, about contraception or sex and relationships in general you can talk to ChildLine. Call us on 0800 1111 (free number) or log on for a 1-2-1 chat.

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