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Condoms for 14 year olds

hi sam

me (aged 14) and my girlfriend (also aged 14) believe we are ready to have safe sex. we have tried oral many times and i think we are ready to go to the next level but the problem is that i dont know where to get condoms from because i cant buy them from a shop because its too awkward so i was wondering how can i get them ?

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Hi there,

While it’s against the law to have sex under 16, if you decide that you’re both ready then it’s important to do it safely.  Being safe during sex means preventing your partner from getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI) or getting them pregnant. There are a few ways of reducing the chance of your partner becoming pregnant but there's really only one way to make sure you don't spread STIs, and that's by using a condom.

Condoms are free if you’re under 25-years-old and there are a lot of different places you can get them. If you feel comfortable enough, you can always go to your GP or a sexual health clinic. As well as giving you condoms, they can also talk to you about how to prevent pregnancy or possible options if you become pregnant. In different parts of the country there are also schemes that can give you a special card to get condoms from pharmacies for free. You just have to show the card to prove that you are part of the scheme.

The best way to find out what's in your area is a sexual health clinic – they’re free and confidential. You don't need your parents to be able to go to them and they won't tell anyone you've been. Sometimes, there are also special sexual health clinics, made just for young people. To find your nearest service, use the Brook's find a service tool to show you your closest clinic.

If you really don’t want to go to a clinic or your GP you can buy condoms from a supermarket. By using the self-checkouts, you won’t have to be served by a person and you can avoid being seen when you buy them. They can be quite expensive though, so it's worth taking advantage of getting them free for as long as you can.

If you need any more advice, our Childline counsellors are always there if you need them, either online or on the phone.

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