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Completely worried about sex

I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year now and I feel completely comfortable with him and I am really happy with him. We both have lost our virginities together abit ago and I'm starting to get worried...
we had sex nearly a month ago and we used contraception that was eu citified but I am still worried. Since then I have been paranoid and worried about getting pregnant. Since then my stomach is starting to look a lot bigger. I exercise regularly and I can't understand why my stomach looks bigger and I can only think of one thing;that I am pregnant. My period is due within the next week but I'm starting to get worried. When can I take a test? Now? Or after my period? How long after being pregnant do you start to see a bump? I'm really scared... I can't talk to my parents about it and I'm getting even more worried by the day. I can't have a baby and I can't stop thinking that I am! I have always been slim and I can't understand why my stomach seems rounder?? Please help
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Hi there,

It can be a difficult time if you’re worried you might be pregnant. The best way to find out is to take a pregnancy test, which you can get for free.

You’ve made some good decisions about contraception as I can hear you don’t want to get pregnant. Contraception is always the best option if you want to try to make sure you don't get pregnant and keep yourself safe from any infections.

Occasionally contraception may fail, in which case there are a few steps you can take so you can know what’s happening for sure. You can take a pregnancy test to check to see if you’re pregnant – you can get them free from your GP, a local sexual health clinic or an NHS walk-in centre. If you wanted you can also buy them from chemists and supermarkets – you can expect to pay around £5.

Pregnancy can be life changing and it is understandable that you're worried about the impact this could have. Someone may be pregnant and feel it within themselves, but a pregnancy bump usually shows after the first few months. It would be unusual for it to show within a couple of weeks.

What can happen is someone gets so worried they are pregnant they start to think they have a rounder stomach – when really very little has changed. It’s important to still take a test if there’s any chance you might be pregnant though.

ChildLine counsellors can talk through what your options are if it turns out you are pregnant and you can also get support from Brook, who specialise in sexual health and pregnancy advice.

I hope that helps and take care of yourself.


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