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Can I go on the pill?

Hey Sam, I'm a girl that's 15 years of age.

Last year I lost my virginity to my boyfriend (at the time) and since we have broken up I have been having intercourse with my friends. But I don't want to get pregnant and have been to the clinic before to take the morning after pill! I'm very embarrassed speaking about this!! And would prefer to not inform my strict parents about my life. i know that it is a illegal to be doing this at my age, but I do turn 16 soon! Can I visit my GP and ask to go on the pill and possibly get tested for a sexually transmitted disease Without an adult being there Or being informed? I would not like to return to the clinic because they might think I'm a bit of a slag, and I do keep my sex life private. Thanks.

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Hi there,

How often someone chooses to have sex is entirely their choice. It'd be wrong for anyone to think of you in a different way if you have sex often - or rarely. There are laws about how old you need to be before you have sex, but it's also understood that some people choose to have sex before they're 16 so that everything you need to do this safely is available for free and confidentially.

Making the decision to have sex should be yours alone and not something anyone else should judge you for. You're right that it's technically illegal for you to have sex at 15, but the law is there to protect young people from being exploited or hurt by adults. You still have a right to the same medical advice and contraceptives as everyone else.

You can visit your GP to get tested for sexually transmitted infections and talk about contraceptives without your parents being involved. It also doesn't have to be your GP - it can be a sexual health clinic, many of which exist specifically for young people. To find your nearest clinic, take a look at Brook's find a service page.

I hope that helps, but if you need to know more then one of our Childline counsellors would be happy to talk to you in private.

Take care,


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