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Can i get my implant out at 16

Hi Sam, my names Shannon and im 15. I have recently began to have sex and im on the implant. But i want my implant out. Obviously i dont want my mum to find ouot that i want to remove my implant so can i get it taken out without parental consent? Also i know you cant get pregnant on the implant or it is highly unlikely you will fall pregnant but i have had really bad sickness and i fee like the sides and bottom of my belly are stretching...what shall i do about this?

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Hi there,

It can be a bit scary when something that’s meant to help us actually makes us feel unwell. This can sometimes happen once the procedure has started or, in your case, when the implant is already in place. There are different types of contraception that you can consider if you feel like the implant isn’t working for you.

It’s important you get the right information about contraception so you can work out what’s best for you. It could be a really good idea to get a check-up. When you have medical worries, such as the sickness you've been feeling, it’s important to put your own health first. Worries about what others might say should never stop you from getting help.

You might be able to get advice from the place you had the implant put in. I can’t say whether you’ll be able to do this without your parents knowing, but you can talk to the doctor or nurse who was there when you first got the implant.

Having safe sex is really important, because without contraception you may be at risk of pregnancy and sexual transmitted infections (STIs). So whatever contraception you decide is best for you, it can help to know as much about it as possible in advance. In some cases you people have to try more than one method before they find what is best for them. You can also have a look at Brook for information about free and confidential sexual health services available near you.

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