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Autism Spectrum Disorder

I've been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. When I became a teenager, I found it very difficult to adapt because interactions between boys and girls changed a lot and got a whole lot more complicated.
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Hi there,

Becoming a teenager can be a confusing time. When you're a teenager, you go through puberty and experience all the changes that can bring. Relationships between young people also change. That could feel more difficult to understand or experience when you have been diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder.

There is some information that you might find helpful on our relationships page. Remember that it’s natural to find getting used to new things difficult when you have autism. You can get advice on our page about autism.

You have the right to get help with your autism and any difficulties that you feel may be caused by it. If you’d like more support, you can call the National Autistic Society’s helpline on 0808 800 4104. There’s also lots of information on their website about autism and getting support.

You might like to think about writing a post for our message boards. The message boards are a safe place to share your experiences where young people try to support each other. It is a way to share problems and to learn how other young people have dealt with similar situations. The message boards are private, so you can say whatever you want without people knowing your name.

If you would like to talk to someone about anything that’s on your mind, the ChildLine counsellors are always there for you too. You can contact ChildLine at any time.

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