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A boy at school

Dear Sam,
I don't wish to say my name but at school there is a boy who whenever he walks past me he hits my backside.  I am really uncomfortable with it. What should I do?
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Hi there,

Thanks for your letter and don't worry, you don't have to give me your name. I can hear how uncomfortable this situation is making you feel and you've done the right thing getting in touch.

I'm sensing you already know this, but what this boy is doing is wrong. He has no right to be touching you in this way and making you feel uncomfortable. Private areas, like your backside, are places he should not be touching and it would be okay to tell someone about this.

It sounds as though you would like this to stop, so I'm wondering how you'd feel about speaking to someone at school about what he's been doing. Perhaps you have a teacher who you get on well with and would feel comfortable speaking to. If you’d like some tips on asking an adult for help you can take a look at our page about this.

I’m glad that you got in touch and I hope this response has helped. If you want to talk about this some more, our counsellors are always available to listen to you whenever you want to talk. You can contact us on 0800 1111, online in a 1-2-1 chat or by email.

Take care,

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