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Hi Sam, idk what to do anymore because at the moment I find it really hard to eat because the voices keep telling me ...

Leaving my adopted parents

Hi Sam, i am 15 years opd and i was adopted at the age of 6 however i never wanted to be adopted. I was wondering if ...


Dear sam, ive had the worst night of my life, i really liked this boy etc and he asked me to send a photo of my self ...

my mum has cancer

hi sam my mum has lung cancer from smoking and its really upsetting she is having radiotherapy at the moment but it d...

Sex abuse

im a 16 year old female ane so the other night i went to a party with my friends as we usually do at the weekend. the...

Message from Sam

Self-harm is something I get lots of messages about. There are lots of reasons why people self-harm. It could be because of feelings or thoughts that are difficult to deal with.

So for the next couple of weeks I'd be really interested to hear how self-harm affects you and the problems you have with it.

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Subtitles on TV

hello sami not like want thing in my way but this my problemim deaf fully and i sometime get annoy when i watch tv it...

School Life

Hi. im deaf. I go to a normal school and i try to be everyone's friend and try to help them all. But whenever i nee...