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After Turning 19

Hi I am wondering about how much of childlines services will still be available to me after I turn 19. I have been us...

residential care

im 15 years old about to turn 16, I currently live in a children's residential care home. however i'm unsure of my op...

My Mum

Dont get me wrong i love my mum, but she is going through her menopause and has such dramatic mood swings. she is alw...

Sex and pregnancy

So i am 16 i just became sexually active and it is quite frequent. I am terrified of getting pregnant even though we ...

Penis size

Hi im 15 and go to a normal school just like everyme else but i feel like when my friends get girlfriends and talk ab...

who should i talk to?

Hello. I want to talk to someone in real life, not just over the phone or on the internet with childline. Is there an...

My drink was spiked

hey, i dont know what to do! i was going to a party when my drink was spiked. i dont remember anything just what i ha...

My breasts :(

For a 13 year old girl my boobs are bigger than most girls my age, I have a double D cup size and I recently got into...

Message from Sam

You can write to me about anything and I read every single letter, but I choose just a few to answer on my page each week. I’m sorry if I don’t answer your letter but I always try and write my response to help anyone with a similar problem, so there is probably a letter that I’ve answered before which might help. If you definitely want a response you can always talk to one of our counsellors and they will always be there.

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Subtitles on TV

hello sami not like want thing in my way but this my problemim deaf fully and i sometime get annoy when i watch tv it...

School Life

Hi. im deaf. I go to a normal school and i try to be everyone's friend and try to help them all. But whenever i nee...