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latest letters

I need my first bra

Hi Sam, I’m 13- almost 14 and I think it‘s time to ask my mum for a bra but I’m too nervous and I don’t know how to b...

The Summer Holidays!

Hi Sam! I wanted to ask what I can do during the holidays to keep myself sane? The last summer holidays was hell for ...

Long distance/online

this is about a boy i met online through a friend from my school and its been 3 months since we met online and we’ve ...


I come from an asian background, a very traditional one. And, with my luck, my family is very homophobic and don‘t to...

Sport and confidence

Hi Sam I wanted to write to you as im a bit upset with sport as I go to a club and I dont really fit in as I get lauf...

Message from Sam

I often have a theme that I ask people to write in about but remember that you can still write to me about anything as well. I also want to remind everyone that of the many letters I receive each week I choose just a few to answer on my page. I'm sorry if I don't answer your letter but there is probably a similar letter that I've answered before which might help. If you definitely want a response you can always talk to one of our counsellors.

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Terror attack worry

I'm really scared about a terror attack happening where i live and hurting and killing my friends,family,pets and peo...

Breaking and entering

I was caught going into an abandoned building and the police asked for my name ,address and date of birth ,but then t...

My friends been stealing

Hi, basically ive been with my friend into town and she keeps on stealing little things from shops like keyrings or b...

consensual sex

why is it the law chooses the age of sex and nt the people doing it, say for example two 14 year olds want to have se...

Laws of rape?

If a boy(16) and a girl(15) have a sexual encounter in which the girl asked the boy if she could perform an action on...