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Telling my crush the truth

I am wondering how long I should wait before I tell my crush that I have a crush on her. I have had this crush on a g...


Hi Sam, I've always known that I believe in equality but only recently have I called myself a feminist. I am a girl w...

The implant

Hey ive been thinking about getting the implant for quite a while now as i started to have sex when i turned 14 i hav...

Can I get arrested

Basically I don‘t watch porn but one time a few years ago I did because I was curious. I didnt do it again and never ...

Sleep Paralysis

Hello, I have been experiencing regular sleep paralysis. I am not sure if you are aware of this (I've spoken to child...

Message from Sam

You can write to me about anything and I read every single letter, but I choose just a few to answer on my page each week. I'm sorry if I don't answer your letter but I always try and write my response to help anyone with a similar problem, so there is probably a letter that I've answered before which might help. If you definitely want a response you can always talk to one of our counsellors and they will always be there.

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Self Esteem

Hi sam, i have really low self esteem, since the beginning of year 7 and now im in year 11, and i've had this anxie...


hi my nane is b and i am wondering what is the prosses of adoption is it were your perents find out and get chance to...


Hello sam, my name is N*, i was adopted from India when i was a baby and i feel as if i am giving my adoption parent...


I'm being forced to go to a contact centre and see my dad he left me when I was 10 weeks old and has only recently st...


So about 9 months ago I was waking home from the shops and a man around the age of 50 approached me he said he knew m...

Nowhere to live

I have a friend of about 2 years, whom I have become quite close to and she will often tell me if she has a problem a...


hi sami am really worried . what do i do if i am with someone who steals something from a shop. i dont know what will...