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why do all my frinds hate me?

At school all my friends seem to hate me and just ignore what i say to them but ive done nothing wrong please help
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Hi there,

It can be really confusing when the way people behave towards you suddenly changes and you don’t know what’s made that happen. Sometimes this could be caused by a misunderstanding or for no real reason at all. Whatever the reason is, no one has the right to ignore you and this is bullying.

Bullying by anyone is really difficult, and it can be especially hard when it’s being done by people who are supposed to be your friends. If it’s suddenly started, it might help to talk to your friends about what’s going on to see if it is something that can be sorted out. Perhaps there’s one person you get on with better with or find easier to talk to?

Bullying can leave you feeling really down and lonely, but you don’t have to go through this alone. You could have a think about if there’s an adult you trust at home or at school to talk about what’s happening.

Schools have a responsibility to tackle bullying, when they know about it, so perhaps have a think about whether there are any teachers who you feel comfortable talking to. All schools should have an anti-bullying policy, which explains what they will do when bullying takes place to try to stop it, so it could be something to ask about.

If the bullying doesn’t stop, you could think about whether there’s anyone else at school who you could make friends with or get to know a bit better.

And remember, you can always talk to a ChildLine counsellor about what’s going on.

Take care,

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