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What sort of part-time jobs can I get?

I just wanted to know sort of part-time jobs I could get as I am of legal age. Thank you.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your letter. Applying for your first job can feel a bit scary, and knowing where to start can be one of the hardest parts of it. Whilst it can be harder to get part time jobs when you’re younger, the age you’re legally allowed to work is actually 13 – although there are limits to what you can do at that age. On our page about money and jobs we have lots of advice about different ways to earn money and how you can get a job. also has a really good page called What age can I?. This outlines different ages you can do all different kinds of things, including how much you can work. If you’re ever wondering about being old enough for a job, this is a good starting point.

There are restrictions to when you can and can’t work even when you’re over 16. Some jobs require you to be 16 years or even 18 years of age because of the type of work involved. You might find it helpful to read the Citizen’s Advice Bureau Page on Young People and Employment. This talks more about the restrictions on where and when you can work.

Whatever the type of job, make sure you have taken time to think about how you want to present yourself in your job application or CV (which is a document where you put all of your skills, experience and qualifications).

It can be good to think about people in your life who could help you start your applications so that you can build up experience. This could be someone like a careers adviser or careers teacher at your school. There is also the National Careers Service which has a section on their website for when you are looking to earn some extra money.

Looking for a part time job can be really competitive, so try not to feel frustrated or upset if it takes some time. It’s good to apply for lots of different jobs if you can as it can help you to have a clearer idea of the type of job you want.

Sometimes people will offer you casual work - this can be by chance or through someone that you know. No matter what the job is, your safety is more important than anything. You’ve got the right to feel trained and supported when you’re working. If you’re ever going to meet someone you haven’t seen before for an interview make sure that someone knows where you’re going and roughly how long you’ll be.

I hope this helps. Feel free to get in touch with a ChildLine counsellor if you need to talk about this more. 

Take care,

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