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suicide ):

Dear sam,

my friend known as s*** keeps on bullying me as he says i have a small penis. and he calls my dad wet. my parents called me a mistake. they've also said that I am their biggest regret.

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Hi there,

It’s not ok for anyone, including your friends or family, to try and upset you by saying hurtful things. If your parents say things to deliberately hurt your feelings it might be emotional abuse. If you have any other family members that you feel close to maybe you could let them know how upset you feel. Having a look at the home and family message boards may help you to find other young people who have been through similar experiences.

It seems like your friend has been acting in an unkind way recently. Calling someone names and teasing them about family members is a type of bullying. Teachers are supposed to try and stop bullying in school. If they're saying things like this at school you could think about talking to a teacher about it. You also could try walking away or talking to someone else instead.

I noticed that the title of your letter is ‘suicide’. I cannot tell if you are feeling that way at the moment, but it's important to get help and find other ways to cope with difficult feelings and situations

Sometimes when we feel low and desperate we might think about extreme ways to bring an end to a tough situation and how we're feeling. But if you're feeling suicidal and ever think that you might act on these feelings, please talk to someone you trust straight away.

You've done really well to get in touch with me about this, please remember you can always speak to a counsellor – calls don't show up on phone bills and you can talk about anything. Our counsellors are here to support you. 

Take care,

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