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Hi, i dont see my biologiacal dad after 8-10 years of him abuseing me but now he seams to be stalking me, hes makeing new accounts on facebook so he can look at everything, i keep blocking him but everytime i do he makes a new account... And thats not the worst, the worst thing is i cant go anwhare in my village without him knowing, he keeps trying to cause problems with me and get me into trouble... But i cant do anything at all because he knows exactly where i am and what i was ding, i dont like it at all
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Hi there,

If anyone is ever stalking you or making you feel unsafe then telling someone is always the best thing to do. If you ignore it or try and cope on your own it will  probably make it harder for yourself in the long term.

Facebook and other social networks can be really great. But it can also be easy for someone to find out about you and try and contact you when you don’t want them to. The more private your account is, the better protected you are from this. For example, most social network sites like Facebook have settings that allow you to block friend requests from people you don’t know. Find out more about blocking and reporting people on different sites.

If your dad starts to follow you in real life too, it’s okay to tell someone about it. And it's okay go to the police. You have a right to live in a place without fear. So if he has hurt you before then it’s important to make sure you’re not put in any danger. If you explain to someone like the police what’s happening then they might be able to make your dad stop, so it’s worth thinking about.

Thanks for your letter, if you want to talk more in the meantime then talk to a ChildLine counsellor.

Take care,

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