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Someone shared a pic of me naked

Hi am a female and someone shared naked pic of me on social media and it's going everywhere can u plz hel me

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Hi there,

The internet and social media are a great way of keeping in contact with friends and finding out new things but it is really important that when you go online that you keep safe. When there’s an inappropriate image of you that’s posted online that you want taken down, Childline’s new tool might be able to help. You can report an image or video and it's available to anyone under the age of 18. You would need to confirm your age and where you have seen the image or video.

Sharing information and pictures of yourself can be very risky especially if those pictures are sexual, such as a naked picture. It’s very important to remember that once you send an image online or with your phone, you lose control of it and anyone can share it.

If this happens, it can be upsetting and stressful as you worry who is seeing the picture or reading the information and whether or not people you know will see it.  We have some information about how to stay safe online including tips about keeping both yourself and your devices safe and secure.

Sometimes it’s possible to get pictures or information removed from the internet or social media sites by speaking to the person who posted them and asking them to take it down.  Other ways to get things removed include contacting the organisation responsible for the site and ask them to remove it.

You can always try speaking to an adult you trust to ask them for help.  This can be difficult to do, especially if you don’t have all the information you need to pass on or perhaps don’t feel confident enough to approach them.

Anyone over the age of 18 can contact the website(s) where they have seen the image or video, or report it to the police by phoning 101 or using Crime Stoppers.

You have done the right thing in taking this first step of getting help and as I mentioned before, it can take a lot of courage to report something like this. If you would like more support, you could talk it through with a Childline Counsellor.

Take care for now


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