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Sexuality- thought to be gay

Hi Sam my name is J**** and I'm really scared to write this letter but it needs to come out I'm sick of it and I've even tried to risk my own life because of it.

for the past couple of years I have been bullied because people think I'm gay I'm not gay and am only 11 and I don't know what to do. my friends are turning on me now and calling me to. I feel trapped I don't know what to do everyday in school and every night when I play out and on the internet to.

my parents don't help a lot is going on at home now my dad has even stared calling me camp and gay and even a girl and nobody understands how I feel.

Moving to another subgect  my dads not a nice guy he says he douse not want to be my dad says I'm no son of he's and hits me hard he calls me a girl and gay and threatens that he's going to punch me and he swears really bad.

My life is crazy at the moment I don't know what to do I have know body to turn to.

please help

thank you

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Hi there,

It’s wrong of someone to hit you, threaten you, call you names and say mean things to make you feel bad, no matter who they are. You have a right to feel safe and you’ve done the right thing to talk about what’s happening.

When people use the word ‘gay’ to bully others it’s called homophobic bullying. Homophobic bullying can make people think there’s something wrong with being gay when this isn’t true. Everyone has a right to be who they want to be. Whether you’re straight or gay, you shouldn’t be treated differently for any reason.

It sounds like you’re feeling there’s no escape from the bullying and I’m very concerned that you have put your life at risk because you've felt so bad.

Your school should take bullying very seriously. Talking to someone you trust at school is a good first step to getting some help and stopping it. This could be someone like a teacher or school counsellor.

It’s hard to stand up to people when they’re saying things about you, but there’s some good advice about how to do this on our page about being assertive. You can read about some techniques for dealing with negative comments, like 'fogging'. Sometimes trying things like this can help make the person who is bullying you feel like there’s no point in carrying on with the bullying.

It sounds very scary at home when your dad threatens you and hits you. If you think you are going to be hurt it's okay for you to ring 999 for the police or you can ring ChildLine on our free number, 0800 1111.

You’ve done the right thing to start talking about what’s happening and it’s taken a lot of courage. ChildLine counsellors are here for you to talk to whenever you need them.

Take care,

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