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there is this boy in my school  being sexist about girls playing football but thats what i love to do what shall i do
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Hi there,

Everybody has the right to do the activities they enjoy. What makes us all different is that everyone has their own interests and skills, and this is what makes the communities we live in so interesting. It is your personal choice, and not about whether you are male or female, whether you play football.

Sexism is an important topic, and nobody should be excluded from opportunities. If you feel that something at school is not fair, it is very important to tell a trusted adult, like a teacher. It is a teacher's job to strive for what is fair and equal, so that you feel supported to participate in the activities that are important to you.

Some professional sports are split into male and female categories. For example, you would see an all-male rugby game on TV but that does not mean that there are not professional opportunities for girls or that girls cannot play rugby. All sports should be inclusive, which means everybody can be involved if they want to be.

If you enjoy something or have a particular talent then nothing should hold you back. If you ever feel that there's a barrier, you can talk to a trusted adult or with a ChildLine counsellor.

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