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Dear sam,
I really hate school at the moment, all i get is trouble from teachers and other students. I have a lot going on at school at the moment as in about 8 weeks time i start year 11. At the moment i am currnetly sitting controlled assesments for lessons to prepare me for year 11 and mock exams. I haven't been at focus in lessons as i get bullied for being friends with different people outside of school and it makes me over think why that is a problem. Teachers get angry at me for lacking work and concentration in lessons.. thye have now brought my parents in for meetings but my parents dont undersatnd and think im lying to make up an excuse to getting into trouble but i actually find school really hard and too stressful   have you got any adivce?
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Hi there,

School can be a very difficult time for many young people. Some people say that it's a very short time in your life, but if you're not enjoying it then it can feel very overwhelming and frustrating.

Feeling frustrated can make it very difficult to focus on what we need to do. This can then lead to disagreements with teachers and then family can become involved and it can all feel a little out of control.

These are the times it is really important to talk to a trusted adult about how you feel. It can be difficult if they don’t understand or you don’t get the response you are looking for. It’s at times like these it can help to not just express what the problem is, but also how it makes you feel. You are important and deserve as much support to help you cope with this as you feel you need.

When experiencing any difficulties at school, including bullying, it can be a very stressful time as it’s an added pressure to what already feels difficult. Most schools have pastoral support services. It may be worth having a chat with them. They could support you emotionally and help you get back on track to achieve all that you want to from your time in education.

They could also offer support with any bullying at school. If it’s a difficult conversation to have then you could write it down and show a teacher or your family. This may also help them understand what's going on and how it's making you feel.

Stressful and difficult situations do pass. It may not always feel like they are going to, but things can always change and be difficult and you never need to face the challenges in your life alone.

At ChildLine, counsellors are trained to understand these challenges from a young person’s perspective and that support is available anytime you choose it. Your feelings are important and they matter.

Take Care

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