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Hi it's not really bullying I guess but boys in my class always make fun of me. I wouldn't mind and I will always stand up for myself but sometimes when the whole class is laughing at me I feel upset and alone. It's sounds so stupid and small I know and it's not bad enough to tell a teacher. Anyway they would just make it worse.
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Hi there,

Sometimes bullying can seem quite light-hearted to some people. Bullying can take many forms, but the important thing is how it leaves you feeling. Any behaviour that leaves you feeling upset and alone in this way is bullying. It's not something you have to put up with.

You said that you don’t feel it’s bad enough to tell a teacher. I think that actually, because this is making you feel so low, telling a teacher is a really good idea. When you go to school you have a right to feel safe. Your teachers have a duty to take action to keep you safe in school. All schools have a set of rules called an anti-bullying policy. The anti-bullying policy tells you what the school will do to help you when they know you are being bullied. 

Sometimes when people tell a teacher about bullying it may stop straight away. If not you should keep telling the teachers and they should continue to help you until eventually the bullying does stop.

It can help to keep a bullying diary. Write down the time and date, what happened, who by, and if anyone else was there. If you keep on getting bullied it might be a good idea to talk to another teacher or the head teacher.

Taking these steps can feel really scary but there should always be someone to support you. When you don’t feel able to get this support from anyone around you, ChildLine is always here for you so you don’t have to feel alone. You can talk to a counsellor on a 1-2-1 chat, send an email or make a phone call on 0800 1111.

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