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People say im mad

i see things that arent there and somtimes feel like im spinning round but i get bullied because of it peple call me things like weirdo say im mad even say i should be dead and just make me feel so alone and they say i worship the devil because my mam is a wicken and i listen to songs like toxic , i wish i could tell som1 but i feel isolated sam please help
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Hi there,

Thanks for letting me know how things are for you. It sounds like you are going through such a difficult time. Bullying is very wrong and this should not be happening to you. You’ve done really well to write it all down so openly and honestly.

Different people have different tastes in music and different spiritual beliefs and these are personal and make each individual the person that they are. It sounds like you’ve been facing a lot of criticism and judgement and that’s not fair. I can hear just how difficult this is for you, especially when you’re also coping with seeing things that aren’t there and feeling like you’re spinning around.

Nobody should be saying that you should be dead, this is totally wrong and exceptionally hurtful. Maybe you writing this letter to me is the first step towards getting things to change, so you can live your life free from bullying.

Bullying can be stopped in a number of different ways. You say you wish you could tell somebody which suggests that this is a difficult step for you. Maybe you could write down what is happening for you, as well as you have done for me and then show somebody to let them know just how difficult others are making things for you. This would be a really good first step to getting the help and support that you deserve.

From your email I’m not sure if these bullies are people you know from school or elsewhere. Wherever it’s happening, can you think of a trusted adult there who could support you? Without people knowing about bullying it makes it very difficult for people that care about you to help you in the way that you’d like. For further information about Bullying and how to get support you could look the the Bullying pages in Explore or check out bullybusters.

If you are worried about the things you’ve been seeing, you could try talking to your school nurse or local doctor. Seeing things that aren’t there is more common than you might think, and it’s something that doctors and nurses should be able to support you with. You could have a look at the Voice Collective website for more information.

Remember you don’t have to feel alone or isolated with your feelings or your experiences. Lots of people find outr messageboards are a great place to get support for others - you could try looking at the message boards to see other young people’s experiences of bullying and what they did about it. You have lots of options and choices and you will always have the support of somebody at Childline.

Take care


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