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My vagina

Hey Sam, im really worried about the colour and extra skin on my vagina. I'm worried no boy  will ever want to do stuff with me and if I do he'll go tell his friends I have something wrong with me and I'm disgusting. I feel so upset and self conscious. I think all my friends are normal and I'm disgusting :( please help :(
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Hi there,

There’s really no such thing as a normal vagina. They can be so different from person to person that there isn’t one way they’re supposed to look.

It’s quite normal to feel anxious about what other people might think of the private areas of our body. These are places that very few people get to see and so a lot of anxiety can build up about how someone could react to the way our privates look.

This anxiety can also come from general nerves about sex and doing things that you might not have done before. It’s so important that you don’t rush yourself into a situation where you feel exposed, as you probably won’t feel comfortable at all.

Knowing when you’re ready to have sex isn’t just about age, but it’s also about how comfortable you feel with your body and finding the right person to share the experience with. You sound really self-conscious about your vagina, so you may want to put those worries to rest before doing anything sexual with a partner.

Brook have a really good page about vaginas that you may find helpful to read and you can always talk to someone like your doctor if you still feel worried.

I hope that helps.

Take care,

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