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My mum always hits me

Dear Sam ​ My mum always hits me even when its a sall thing like i have forgotten to wash my face, she pulls my hair and it hurts What should i do? Im to scared to tellsomeone beacause i do love and i dont want her to be taken away or get told off ​ Yours sincercly Someone

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Hi there

It’s never okay for anyone to hurt you, including a parent. There’s nothing you could do or say to deserve being hurt. Home should be a place you can feel safe, so if you don't feel this way it's important to talk to someone about what that's like for you.

Physical abuse is wrong and it can cause you to feel confused, especially when it's a family member you love who's hurting you. Remember that what's happening isn't your fault even if you're told that it is. No one has the right to hurt you for any reason.

There are ways to stop abuse and to get the support that you deserve. You have the right to feel safe and happy at home and usually telling someone else is an important first step. Talking to someone can make it easier to cope with your feelings, and get help for the situation at home.

When you feel ready to tell someone the next step is deciding how you will say it. Writing down what you want to say is a really good way to get your thoughts in order.

Be sure to include details of what happened and the rough dates if possible, as well as any injuries you suffered. It’s really important to say or keep track of how you're feeling as well. Once you've written all this down you can show it to an adult you trust – such as a teacher, a different family member or even someone like your doctor.

Talking to someone might be more difficult if you are worried that you'll be taken away from your mum. Telling someone doesn’t mean this will definitely happen but it would be a good idea to get some advice about this first, so that you feel confident it’s the right decision for you.

A Childline counsellor can talk through what your options are and how you're feeling. They're there to listen and can usually keep things between you and them.

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