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my friend and i are worried

my friend and i are both being bullied by the same person and it is getting out of hand!
we realy need to talk it through. the bully stops us from doing homework as she is constantly emailing us when we are at home please give us any tips u can anything would be great thanks
from j******
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Hi there,

Thank you for writing to me. Bullying is never okay and I can see how you and your friend want this to stop. You are both really brave wanting to talk this through with someone. I would like to give you some ideas of who may be able to help. It is unfair for the bully to stop you from doing your homework and it sounds as though her emails to you both at home are annoying. No one has the right to make you feel this way.

There are a few things you could try if you want things to change. It might be a good idea to first speak to your friend and ask what she would like to do next. As you are both being bullied by the same person, you may find talking to someone at school together works for you, or you can each talk to someone on your own if you prefer. Your school should have a guide called an anti-bullying policy to say what they will do to help sort out bullying problems.

You could talk to an adult you trust about what’s happening. It’s up to you who this is but it could be someone like a parent - they might help you find a safe space to do your homework without interruption. Turning your phone off and closing your email whilst you work is another way to stop her messages getting to you.

You may want to talk things through with a ChildLine counsellor who could help and support you. It might also be useful for you to look at our bullying page, or check out the message boards where other young people share their thoughts, feelings and ideas.

If you do want to speak to a ChildLine counsellor you can do this for free by calling 0800 1111. You could also have a 1-2-1 chat online with a counsellor.

I hope this helps. 

Take Care

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