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Muslim dscrimination

Hi, i am getting so scared i ma crying :(😭 On april 3rd there is a day called muslims punish day. I am one and i feel like i will get harmed😭 pleae help me make feel better. please reply back 😔

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Hi there,

Some things in the news or on social media can make you feel upset. And it’s normal to be scared when you feel threatened or unsafe. It can help to remember that threatening to harm someone is illegal.

Targeting people because of their faith or religion is wrong and harming or making threats to harm someone is a crime. The police take hate crime seriously and people can get a longer sentence for hate motivated crime. You can report hate crime and if you feel threatened or unsafe you can call 999 for emergency help.

If you’re experiencing discrimination there are way to get help and things you can do to keep safe. You could walk away if someone is being abusive to you. Try not to retaliate. When you’re in a safe place it can help to get support from an adult you trust.

If you want to, you can report discrimination to your teacher, your boss, your sports coach or the police. For support you could talk to a Childline counsellor who will listen and help you decide what to do next. You could also talk to an adult you trust and let them know you feel scared.

You could tell your parents or carers that you’re feeling frightened and agree some safety steps together. Let them know where you’re going to be and check in by phone or text with each other during the day. Remember to keep your phone charged and maybe arrange to go to and from school, college or work with a friend or family member.

It can sometimes help to take a break from social media if you’re reading things that are making you feel upset. Try distracting yourself by doing something you enjoy.

Remember, the police are taking steps to keep people safe. You have the right to be yourself and be treated with respect.

Thank you for your letter.


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