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hello. i get spat at, my clothes pulled and told i dont belong around here. i get told to go rot in hell and i have tried so hard to ignore but its hard. i feel lonely and like i dont fit in. i feel like out cast and dont belong anywhere, i dont know what i can do as im too scared to tell
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Hi there,

Thank you for your letter. It sounds like things are really unpleasant for you at the moment with people saying and doing some really nasty and hurtful things to. It sounds like you want help but are frightened to ask for it.

Bullying is wrong and it should not happen to anyone. You have the right to be treated with respect by the people around you. I can hear that you’ve tried to ignore the bullies but it’s too hard, and from what you’ve told me, I can really understand that.

You haven’t told me where the bullying is taking place. If it’s happening at school, then school have a responsibility to take the bullying seriously and try to make it stop. I would really suggest telling a teacher, or another adult at school about the bullies. You could also think about telling a family member, friend or parent. Sometimes writing things down in a letter can feel like an easier way to talk about something that you are worried about. You could also try keeping a bullying diary stating who is bullying you, who saw it and how it made you feel. You could show this to the person you speak to, to help them really understand how difficult things are at the moment.

If the bullying happening outside of school, I would still recommend asking a trusted adult for support and advice. You said that you get spat at, which is really upsetting and serious.  This is something you could think about asking the police for support with. In some cases, the police might actually arrest someone for spitting at another person.

It sounds like you are very worried about telling someone that you are being bullied. Sometimes I hear from young people who have been threatened by bullies and sometimes people are scared to tell because they think it will make things worse. I recognise that both of these things can make it feel really hard to talk to someone about what’s happening, but if no-one knows what is happening, they can’t help to make it stop.

Speaking to a counsellor at Childline is another way to start to get some support. The counsellors can talk with you about how you feel and can try to help you build up the courage to tell someone what’s happening. You could also look at the Bullying page in Explore and read what other young people have said about bullying on the message boards.

Take good care



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