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Is this right?

My mum dosnt feed me and favitises over my brother, Shes too lazy and usarally drunk on the weekend to feed me, but allways buys my brother things, I hate walking to school so i contackted my school about how things was, they gave me a free bus pass and free school meals then they came home for a visit but my mum lied and said im a lier and im fine so now i have to walk to school and it takes me 1 hour and a half to 2 hours, i leave at ten to seven in the morning and i hate going to school because now all the teachers hate me, i tell my mum to stop shouting at me but that gets her mad and physical so i have to hide. I hate my life i have to fake a smile and laugh every day just so people dont know how i feel, what should i do ?? Im sceard of her.
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Hi there,

Thanks for your letter, you've done really well to write and tell me about your life.

You’ve told me some really worrying things about what happens in your home, like mum sometimes getting physical and being too drunk to feed you. It’s not ok for your mum to do these things and I can hear that you feel scared of her. You have a right to feel safe in your home and it doesn't sounds like that is how you feel at the moment.

You were really brave when you told someone at school about what’s been happening but I can hear the improvements didn’t last after they visited you at home. You have said that you hate your life and have to fake a smile, it seems like that could be really hard for you to do every day.

It sounds like school isn’t a happy place for you and you feel like the teachers hate you. It seems like you might feel tired when you arrive at school after a long walk which could make it hard to cope. Your teachers have a responsibility to help keep you safe and it's not ok for them to make you feel they don't like you. You deserve to get help with what's happening at home. I wonder if there are any other adults you could talk to at school, like a school nurse, or learning mentor? Another possibility would be to contact your local social services yourself, by searching for their number on the internet or on in the phone book. If you go to, you can find out which local authority is responsible for your area, so you know which social services  department to speak to. 

You might also want to talk to a ChildLine counsellor about what life is like for you. The counsellors are there to support you and they would like to help you find a way to feel safe. You could phone them free on 0800 1111, use the website to have a 1-2-1 chat with a counsellor or send an email.

Take care,


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