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Is it bullying?

I'm a 13 year old boy who is trapped in a girl's body. I have recently told some of my friends, and most of them are okay, but I recently had an argument with one of them, and now he's always angry at me and saying he'd hit me if I wasn't a girl, even though he's already hit me before. He also blackmails me with it saying he's going to tell everyone without even trying to be nice, even though I really want to resolve these issues. Is this transphobic bullying and should I tell someone? I haven't told any adults, but I know a teacher I can trust and I'm not scared to tell my parents if necessary. What should I do?
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Hi there,

I am really glad that you were able to share what's going on for you. It was brave of you to tell your friends about being trapped in a girl’s body. I am glad to hear that this hasn't affected your friendship with most of them. Friends should like you for the person you are and your gender shouldn't change this.  

Yes, what is happening to you is transphobic bullying and it sounds like you know that talking to your teacher about this could help. You can get more advice about asking an adult for help.

What this person is doing to you by physically and emotionally hurting you is wrong and no one ever has the right to treat you this way.

You might find it useful to read our page about transgender identity.

If you wanted to talk more about what is going on for you then you can always speak to one of our counsellors either on a 1-2-1 chat, by calling for free on 0800 1111 or sending an email. There’s always someone there for you and we would like to  support you.

Take care,

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