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Inappropriate online requests in games

Hi Sam. Recently, I was playing on a Minecraft server - an online domain where players can connect and play. Someone I don't know typed into the chat, "You're cute, [my username]." I ignored it, but soon this person was making inappropriate threats and demanding I take my clothes off for him. Frightened, I reported it all to the servers' authorities. But then this players' threats turned violent, so I quit. But I'm still traumatised by the strange events. Can I have some words of encouragement please? I am twelve years old.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

Online gaming can be a lot fun and a way to make friends. But it has risks too. It can be easier for people to say and do things that might be harmful.

There are ways to keep yourself safe in online games.

When someone is being inappropriate online it's always good to report that person. On big social media websites or apps there are usually easy ways to do this, but in games it can sometimes be more difficult. Every game is different and the ways to report people might be different depending on what platform you're playing the game on.

If you know how to report someone being abusive in the game you're playing, you should use that feature and do whatever you can to block that person from contacting you. If you don't know how to report someone, or the game doesn't have a way to do that, then often the best thing to do is to simply stop playing or change to a different server.

Some people might pretend to be your friend or help you in the game, but they might want you to do something else in return. Sometimes they might give you things for free in the game, or appear to be really friendly - but then ask you for something else in return. If someone is asking you to do something you don't think is right then you should always stay safe and stop playing with that person. Remember games are just games - you don't owe anyone anything if they help you in the game.

If someone ever asks you online to take your clothes off, send a sexual text, picture or video, talk about sex or meet up in person, you should tell an adult you trust.

You can also speak to the police if you want. It's not okay for anyone to ask you to do those things and it is against the law. If you feel uncomfortable talking about this, you can always chat to one of our counsellors first and they can help you decide what you want to do.

Thanks for sending a letter about this, I hope it's helped.

Take care.



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