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Im verbally, physically and cyber bullied coz I'm FAT

Hi . Im 12 and I'm really upset about my looks. I am fat, ugly, ginger and FAT. Please help! Everyone in my year bullies me coz of my looks. They say things like "Beep beep! Wide load coming through" when I walk past them and call me "jelly man"  ( although im a girl) and "wobble blob" and "jelly belly" etc. No one even calls me my name, I'm just fatty or whatever.
They attack me too, punching me and pinching me in my humongous tummy and kicking etc too. They snatch my bag and empty out my things from it and when I bend over to pick them up they all snigger and go "ewww" at me coz my skirt rides up and shows my big bum. In pe getting changed everyone points and laughs at me , it's so awful. They pull up my top or down my skirt so my belly bounces out and jiggles. When i sit down to put my shoes on they laugh again at my many fat rolls. They look at my skirt size and fake vomit at it (coz it's so big )
My friends have stopped being my friends saying I'm so gross and revolting they can't stand to be around me, they say I'm just a worthless obese blob and they wish I'd get bulimia or anorexia to lose some weight.
Everyone bullies me at school every day and it's torture. I really hate myself like thy hate me because I'm so DISGUSTINGLY GROSSLY OBESE. I even had a dream last night where I was stood naked in the middle of the school field and everyone was circled around me pointing And jeering and laughing and vomiting at how fat I was.
Then on Facebook I get all these horrible messages off them all too, and texts and emails and phone calls. Someone even set up a web page about me with photos that my (ex) friends and boyfriend had.
Im so FAT, please help!!!!!
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Hi there,

I am really glad that you have told me about what is happening to you. This is bullying which is always wrong. Nobody has the right to treat you this way.

It sounds like you’re starting to believe what the bullies say – and I can hear how hard it must be to hear those things said about you.

Everyone’s body is different and it’s okay to be the way that you are. If you feel like your weight is a health problem, then the best person to speak to would be your doctor. Your doctor could talk to you about weight and what is a safe way to stay at the healthiest weight for your body type.

At the moment the bullies are targeting you both at school and at home through social media and your phone. You deserve to be safe everywhere and I can hear how difficult it must be to not have many places you can escape their abuse. With the right help and support it is possible to change this.

Your school has a duty to keep you safe and to stop the abuse. Maybe you could think about a teacher that you trust and let them know that you are being abused at school and online. If there’s an adult at home who you feel able to talk to then perhaps they can support you as well. We have a page about talking to adults that you might find useful.

It might also be worth having a look at our pages on bullying as well as the ThinkUKnow website. You may also like to look at our Bullying on social media page. There is lots of information about what to do if you are being bullied online and how you can change that.

You can also look at our How you look page, and our message boards - that's a place where other people share their experiences and you may want to post something too.

If you wanted to talk more about what is going on for you then you can speak to one of our counsellors either on a 1-2-1 chat, calling for free on 0800 1111 or sending an email. There’s always someone there for you and we would like to help support you.

Take care,


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