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I'm being bullied by 3 people :(

I really need help, at school there's these 3 awful boys that constantly tease me every time they see me :( i want to hit them but I know that's the worst option... They pick on my looks and call me names!! I'm scared and annoyed what do I do?
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Thanks for letting me know what’s happening at school. It’s really good that you decided to send me a message. Deciding that you want support is a positive step to take.

Teasing you and picking on you for the way you look is a form of bullying. Bullying is always wrong, and I would like you to remember that it is not your fault that they are bullying you. I would also like you to know that people often say things about the way a person looks just to hurt them. That doesn’t mean that the things they say are true.
It’s understandable that you feel scared and annoyed, as it sounds like there is no escape from these boys. When you say you want to hit them, it sounds like you want to get rid of all your feelings and get them to stop the name calling. It would be wrong to hit them as you could get into trouble, and the bullying might get worse, so I’m glad you’re asking for other options.

How would it be to let your teacher know about the name calling and how it’s leaving you feeling? The school should have an anti-bullying plan that says what they will do if someone tells them they’re being bullied. You could ask a teacher about the plan, or you might find it on your school’s website. Your school have a responsibility to do all they can to get the bullying to stop. They have to make sure you’re safe while you are in their care.

I would also suggest you think about speaking to someone that you live with about the bullying. Being bullied is a stressful thing to cope with, and it’s good to have as much support as possible. If the school don’t do enough to get the bullying to stop straight away, it’s also worth asking someone from home to speak to the school.
Of course you can also speak to a counsellor at ChildLine by ringing, logging in for a 1-2-1 chat, or sending an email.

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