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I think I'm being bullied.


just recently people have been telling me that I cannot tell the difference between fiction and reality. This is because I get obsessed with people and things easily for example I get obsessed to Actors and Actresses. I'm 16 and I enjoy science-fiction, aliens, and sometimes I do go on about how I wish these things were true, just recently I've gotten into Star Trek and I am quite obsessed with Zachary Quinto (Spock) but my family and friends keep telling me how Spock doesnt exist and how he isnt real and that im being silly, I know this, I know he doesnt exist but when they tell me I dont know the difference between reality it hurts, I've been told I live in a story world, and that I get confused because Im mixing my story world with my real world, I personally enjoy living in a story world, its my way of blocking out all the bad things that happen its my way to chill out and relax and with my mocks and gcse's coming up I feel really stressed so it helps me but people are starting to think I'm stupid because of self esteem is starting to get low, im starting to think there is no point in having tv shows that I like and enjoy because im constantly judged about it.

Please help?


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Hi there,

Many people enjoy watching or reading fiction. You are not alone in enjoying this and when we enjoy something, its natural we will talk about it with friends and family.

I can hear that you like imagining the fictional worlds you watch but it sounds like you are fully aware of what is fictional, what is real and the difference between them. I’m wondering if you have thought about joining a film or book group where you may be able to talk through the fiction you love with people who may feel something similar to you. You can usually find details about what’s on in your local area on library notice boards, library or council websites and in local newspapers.

You mentioned that the comments people are making are beginning to have an impact on your self-esteem – it can feel really difficult when people point out the differences they see in us. Differences can be a good thing. Being unique allows you to express your personality and enjoy being yourself. Get some tips on building your self-esteem.

Feeling good about ourselves can take time and practice but you deserve to enjoy things you interest you.

You might find it helpful to talk through your feelings with the counsellors at ChildLine who will always be there to support you. You may also find it helpful to check out the ChildLine message boards for more support from young people to see that you are not alone.

Take care,

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