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i need your help

ok so hi sam im a**** and i have changed my personality from girly to emo/punk i have been wearing darker make up chains studs and more black,then all of a suden my friends start making fun of me and laughing at me.then the kids in my class decide to pull my choker that is really tight and yes i have been moved class and told my parents and everyone but now im scared to go outside incase anything happend 4 of them have been expelled so that is kinda better
Ask Sam


Hi there,

Bullying can leave you feeling sad and hurt, especially when you’re being bullied by people who are supposed to be your friends. True friends should accept you for who you are, not make fun of you just because you don't look or dress the same as them.

There can be a lot of pressure to look a certain way and fit in with everyone else but remember, it’s okay to be whoever you want to be, even if that means looking or dressing in a way that might seem ‘different’ to other people.  

What you’ve described to me is bullying, and it's wrong for anyone to be bullied for any reason, including because of the way they look or dress. You did the right thing to tell someone about what happened to you. No one has the right to hurt you, and you have the right to feel safe in and outside of school. 

It sounds like what’s happened has really knocked your confidence. It’s not unusual to feel this way after being bullied, but there are things you can try to help you take control and build up your confidence.

If the bullying continues in anyway, then it’s important to tell someone again.  Remember that ChildLine are always here for you too. 

Take care,

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