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i am being Cyber bullied and bullied

why do people pick on everyone else just to make them feel big it does destroy people its destroyed me
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Hi there,

It’s not clear why some people bully others, or do things which are hurtful to them. There may be many reasons, but none of these reasons excuse the bullying behaviour.  

Bullying can be physical or it can be verbal - for example, calling someone names. It can happen in person, online, on the phone or in text messages. However it happens, it’s never okay to bully people, and it can be really hurtful for the person being bullied.

You raise a really good question asking why bullying happens. It might be an idea to start a discussion on this topic with other young people on the message boards.

Sometimes talking to a trusted adult can be a helpful step towards stopping bullying. If you go to school, talking to a teacher who you get on well with might be an option. Some young people find talking to teachers difficult. You could choose to write a letter to your teacher instead. All schools should have anti-bullying rules, and teachers are there to look after your emotional well-being as well as your education.

You mentioned that bullying has “destroyed” you. think that despite what you have experienced, having the courage to write your letter to me shows a strength and bravery that the people who are bullying you have not been able to break.

Bullying can have a really big impact on people. It’s important to have support and be able to have a safe place to talk about your feelings. Perhaps you could have a think about who you know who might be able to listen to you and support you. You might find our tips for building confidence after online bullying helpful too.

You can always talk to a ChildLine counsellor. You can do this for free by phoning 0800 1111, on 1-2-1 chat, or via email.  It's free and confidential. Our counsellors will always do their best to support you and understand what has been happening to you.

Take care,

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