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I am a bully

I am a bully and I like to bully people but I get Into lots of trouble and my friends don't like me I wont to stop bullying and be kind but how do I Do that
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Hi there,

It is really honest of you to say that you sometimes bully people. It takes bravery to admit that. It’s good that you want to stop because bullying is never okay.

Bullying is never positive and can be difficult and upsetting for young people who are on the receiving end. It can also really affect the person who is the bully. The first step to changing is admitting that what you're doing is hurting another person and that it’s wrong. Once you know that, you’re well on your way to stopping.

It takes a huge amount of courage to admit that what you're doing is wrong. Think about apologising to the people you are bullying. Saying sorry will help them to forgive your behaviour and will also help you to change the way that you act around those people. Making up with someone can help both of you have a fresh start.

Something that can also help is to think about how you could earn the respect of people around you. Perhaps you're good at a sport, or you may be really good at some subjects at school. Maybe you have a hobby or interest that you really love. Understanding that people will value you and respect you for positive things may make you feel much better about yourself. It can help to give you the confidence to change your behaviour.

Try to think about how you will feel if people know you for the positive and good things that you do, rather than for the trouble and hurt that bullying causes.

Sometimes young people bully others because they are angry, upset or frustrated about something that is happening in their own life. It could help to talk to someone that you trust or speak to a ChildLine counsellor if there are things on your mind, instead of taking it out on someone else. I hope this helps.

Take care,

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